Name of Business & Your name? Mumlife Stickers – Renee Gipp

How long has your business been operating? Approx 3 years

What do you make and create? #mumlife are our original design now known Australia wide, but we have now expanded, creating business branding signage, custom decals, special occasions, social and sporting club stickers and also a lot of fundraising stickers.


Tell me about the person you are in everyday life? In every day life, I am very active happy person, I am a mother to, two little boys that keep me very much on my toes, my passion is connecting mums and creating support within communities, having two support groups in Victoria, my vision is to create them Australia wide.
I am big on health and wellness and living a happy and positive lifestyle.


Tell me about why you love to create your products or brand? I love to do what I do, because it allows me to not only raise my business, but while raising my business, after being a single mum starting motherhood, I wasn’t always able to be around, I love being able to work with businesses, connect with other power house women and just to know that the ideas and opportunity’s are endless with what I do.

Tell me about the space you work in to create your products? The space I work in, is always very much in order, I am very particular on my work space and the environment I work in, I like it to be peaceful and a place for me to focus and really put everything I have into my business.


Does your family help or have any input into what you do? Very much so, my 7 year old is one of my best employees!

What are your short term goals? My short term goals is to support and provide for my family comfortably.

What are your long term goals? My long term goals are to expand globally, to do what I love, to connect with as many people in this world that I can and to leave a legacy behind for my children, something so much more than a ‘Sticker Business’


Do you have an inspiring message or quote for man kind? Not really, but one of my favourite quotes is
Never let anybody put a limitation on you. You know what you are capable of. Your passion and courage is greater. That's why you keep fighting .. why you're still standing. Negativity is fuel, let it burn your desire brighter. 🖤

Why do you love being a part of the Mermaid Sorority Markets? Its very self explanatory, everything is done with so much love, nothing is left unturned. I am proud to be an event sponsor and I cant wait to continue to watch this space grow and do amazing things!



THANKYOU for a lovely read and we are so proud to have Renee included as an event sponsor, such a genuine, driven and inspirational woman.

You can contact Renee via her Facebook Page here