Name of Business: Kathleen Benham


How long has your business been operating? 7 years

What do you make and create? Mixed media jewellery made from leather, polymer clay, acrylic and wood

How "hands on" to the creation of your products are you? I design and make everything, apart from the odd laser cut piece that I integrate into my designs. I like to sketch out my designs before bringing them to life and always have a sketch book on hand.


Tell me about the person you are in everyday life? (where you live, kids, family, activities?) I live with my husband and cat in the inner east of Melbourne in a small apartment. We love our music and often go to festivals during the warmer months. We love to spend our down time either in the country or beach.

Tell me about why you love to create your products or brand? I have this urge to create, that I cannot seem to ignore. My brain is always active and making my products feeds this creativity. I also love to make products that make someone feel good. That just makes my day.

Tell me about the space you work in to create your products? I have managed to take over 2 rooms in our small apartment! Most of the creating happens in the back of our lounge room facing the TV so I can create and watch my favourite shows at the same time. 


Does your family or friends help or have any input into what you do? Not really. I've always been a lone wolf

What are your short term goals? To get through the busy Christmas period, then have a couple of weeks off at the end of the year and update my website to a new platform.

What are your long term goals? To be able to go part time with my day job, or even give it up altogether and run my business full time. Also to grow my network of awesome stockists.


Why do you love being a part of the Mermaid Sorority Markets?

They're such a friendly place to be for a maker. I've met so many lovely customers and other makers who've become my friends. The markets are always busy and pumping and so well run, which is all you could want as a maker. 

THANK YOU KATHLEEN, WE JUST LOVE WHAT YOU CREATE HERE AT MERMAID SORORITY! For more information on Kathleen's product - please click here