MEET THE MAKER: Fiona from The Commonfolk Collective

Meet the Maker: Fiona from The Commonfolk Collective

How long has your business been operating? I came up with the concept about a year ago and went into production 6months ago as a way of bringing some creativity into my world. 

What do you make and create?  How much input do you have in their creation/design? I make feel good candles that share the love, make you smile and remind you to live in the now. My feel candles are completely hand made by me and my little team. I design myself or collaborate with photographers on the images and are always looking for new talents to feature. Our candles are pure soy, hand poured with recycled gift boxes and a wooden wick for crackling flame that gives a nice ambience. 


Tell me about the person you are in everyday life? 

I'm a mum to Marli /9 and twins Pixie and Dusty /6. I work from home, wife to a gorgeous husband, so I float between kids drop offs/pickups/creative work/running the business and renovating our 1960's weatherboard. 


Tell me about why you love to create your products or brand? 

I first started because I wanted to have some feel good images around my home and I've always loved the warmth, reflection and ambience candles give to your space. So I combined the two to come up images that are like mini pieces of art which can visually inspire you and paired it with a candle that could calm your space and soothe your soul. 


Tell me about the space you work in or from to create your products? Our 1960's half renovated seaside abode is home and studio! We live on a gorgeous quiet dirt road and are surrounded by greenery and we have chickens roaming the garden. We have painted to floorboards white and have worked towards creating a space that is calming and relaxed.


Does your family help or have any input into what you do?

My husband and I always bounce things off each other and work really well together so he has been an amazing support and pushes me when i need it. We have always worked and renovated together and it just works.


What are some of your proudest achievements? I think a big moment was seeing one of my candles in my favorite weekend read in the newspapers "Body + Soul" section. Best feeling! 


Why do you believe people love your products or designs so much? 

I think the images inspire, share the love and make you smile. They create a feeling, a feel good vibe and I use them to train myself to reconnect with the moment. So I hope others can do this to. 


What are your short term goals?

Be in the moment more. 

What are your long term goals?

Be in the moment more. 


Why do you love being a part of the Mermaid Sorority Markets? Meeting the other creatives at Mermaid Sorority has been so much fun and the market itself is just a good place to chat, shop, be inspired.

THANK YOU so much for sharing your story Fiona! We just love everything about your brand and aesthetic. You can find out more or shop The Commonfolk Collective here