MEET THE MAKERS: Dani & Scott from Piccolo & Mi

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Name of Business & Your name?

Piccolo & Mi created by Dani & Scott 


How long has your business been operating?

We launched for Pre-orders a little over a month ago - So we are fresh off the block and have hit the ground running!


What do you make and create?

Piccolo & Mi the label is all about the kids and of course there is a little something for our Mumma's now too! We are striving to be a timeless, functional and vibrant unisex brand, with a strong focus on using sustainable and certified products at affordable prices.  From the design phase to style, comfort and production we are 100% committed to being a fun, forward thinking and environmentally conscious label based on the Mornington Peninsula. Although Scott & Myself don't actually have kids (Yep - Kiddie free!) we found a gap in the market for affordable and stylish sustainable clothing, from ages 1-4 years, so we really wanted to provide customers with endless amounts of styling options that wont cost the earth and can be passed down through generations as each shape, print & style is timeless. 

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How "hands on" to the creation of your products are you?

110% and I cant imagine it any other way! From the start of the design phase which includes everything to do with the research, fit & shape, Fabrications, Spec Sheets, Prints & Pattern making I can spend hours locked up in the study developing each piece from scratch, Scott will sometimes pop in to give me feedback and we discuss what we would LOVE for our kids to wear. Although I don't sew the product myself, I have extensive knowledge in the kids fashion industry so I was lucky enough to contact a long time friend of mine and amazing seamstress Fiona, who works for us on a casual basis. Between the two of us - we are pretty unstoppable! We work extremely close together on the initial fit samples, different finishing techniques & then the final production stage of each piece. 

Scott is the financial guru behind the brand and my biggest number one fan, which is something you ALWAYS need when starting up your own label. We work side by side together on the budgeting and costing phase of the business as maths well NEVER be my strong point so I'm more then cool for him to take it a roll with it! 


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Tell me about the person you are in everyday life? (where you live, kids, family, activities?)

We have just recently moved back home after renting in Aspendale for a year, our humble home is located beach side of Mornington, just a hop, skip & jump to fishermans beach. 

Both Scott & Myself are very active so you will never find us sitting at home for longer than two hours over the weekend, we enjoy hitting Main street for brekky & taking our pup Fred to the beach or dog park for a family day out - we really just enjoy each others company no matter what we do or where the weekend takes us!

During the week we are both up at 4.30-5.00am (I hear some of you gasping! Early huh?) for me I get up this early to get my butt to gym every morning and then off to work for a big design company in Richmond, while Scott runs Melbourne Masonry along side his brother & best mate so he sets off to get over 60 employees organised for the day ahead. 



Tell me about why you love to create your products or brand?

Piccolo & Mi is such a new venture for us but has been in work for nearly over a year so I don't think I can even narrow down the love list we have created when developing this brand.

Something both Scott & Myself agree on the most is seeing the early stages of our products now finally come to life, being sent off to new homes and loved just as much as hoped they would be! It's a feeling we can't even describe as for us it all about the small steps towards a sustainable future & our customers are selecting our products as an investment.


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Tell me about the space you work in to create your products?

SMALL & FUN is the only way to describe it briefly. We are waiting to get out plans approved for renovations so the whole less is more look is currently happening in our home office, but hey we still manage to get it done and work our way around the stock and limited bench space for now. I've already mapped out a new office in the garage after the reno's are complete! 


Does your family or friends help or have any input into what you do?

Of course - they are like our cheer squad! They help, promote the brand & share the Piccolo & Mi love but they know Scott and myself have a clear vision for the brand so leave the business side of things up to us!


What are your short term goals?

Short term - we actually just want to survive the crazy Christmas period. Both having full-time jobs during the week and then working on P&M till late each night can honestly be a bit of a stretch, not to mention the silly market season ahead of us! At the start of January we want to be in a position where I can look for a job closer to home & the really take on the role of showcasing the brands full potential to boutiques & trade shows.


What are your long term goals?

In 5 years we really want to be pioneers in sustainable kids clothing with the ability to provide customers with the most transparent supply chain. We also want to be able to provide the Australia market with a wider range of styles that are made using GOT's/Fair Trade Certified Cottons, Recycled Polyesters and Organic Denim.


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Why do you love being a part of the Mermaid Sorority Markets?

Honestly - Everything! We set up at each market and can feel the vibe and buzz that all Mermaid Sorority markets just naturally have! Myself & Scott are so blown away with the outcome and exposure from each event and can't wait for the next one to roll around. The organisation, variety of stalls & most of all gorgeous locals that come out to support each small business is incredible. Amber's hard work is well respected and appreciated from us and every single stall holder!  If you haven't applied yet - DO IT! you wont be disappointed!


THANK YOU so much guys for taking the time to share your journey! If you wish to see and buy their amazing clothing, CLICK HERE for more info.