MEET THE MAKER: Petra from By Petra Jewellery

Name of Business & Your name? By Petra – Petra Sleglova


How long has your business been operating?

I have launched my website and online shop 2years ago and it is my 4th year of working with polymer clay


What do you make and create?

I design and handcraft polymer clay jewellery. 



How "hands on" to the creation of your products are you?

I am my own only employee so I couldn’t be more hands on with what I do. It starts with designing new collection, creating first piece, improving any possible flaws (I am such a perfectionist!!), then photographing, photo editing, managing my online shop, social media and orders.


Tell me about the person you are in everyday life? (where you live, kids, family, activities?)

I was born in the Czech Republic and moved to Australia with my kiwi partner in 2011. I am a full time mum of two very energetic red heads Misha (7), Nikki (2) and a rescued fury family member, Gucci . My partner works around the whole Australia and with not having any family here and running a small business I am a very busy woman. Besides my family the things I love are nature, healthy life style, fresh colours, music, fun and I am obsessed with polymer clay and jewellery making  I consider myself to be a very positive person and love to make people happy! No better feeling than to be the reason someone else smiles.





Tell me about why you love to create your products or brand?

Making jewellery, especially complex patterns is a way how I relax. Some of my necklaces takes up to 6 or 7 hours to complete and require LOTS of patience – and that’s exactly what calms me down, what relaxes me. About my products I love the way they are just different, something you won’t see anywhere else.


Tell me about the space you work in to create your products?

I have a little studio in one of the bedrooms of our beautiful house in leafy Lanwarrin. A very sturdy desk and a computer where I watch a Netflix series while I create




Does your family or friends help or have any input into what you do?

They wish! Especially my older daughter. Unfortunately, I am an extreme perfectionist and all my pieces are quite complex so I don’t let anyone else touch it. I do heaps of other craft and art with my daughters and teaching Misha the basic techniques with polymer so one day she can make her own collections!



What are your short term goals?

Make people feel beautiful and unique because that’s what everyone is – one of a kind! I feel like people sometimes forget to perceive themselves this way. I wish my unique pieces of jewellery will remind them exactly that.


What are your long term goals?

I wish my business grows and I can design and make jewellery as a full time job in the future, when my younger daughter goes to school. It would be the dream come true. It is my passion.


Why do you love being a part of the Mermaid Sorority Markets?

We mermaids are like a big family, we support and cheer for each other and that’s what I love! 

THANK YOU Petra! We appreciate you taking the time to share your brand and story with us, you are one wonderful creator and person! Click here to see more of Petra's work.